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The History Of Insurance

I get an annual deer-in-the-headlights situation whenever my insurance is about to lapse because just about that same period my pockets tend to drain faster than the NYS kitty. Today is about that period and my cellphone has been buzzing with reminders that I have a few days to pay for my car policy or else… Everything seems grey and all hopes of catching up with friends this weekend over a jug of sangria seem a world away.

It’s days like these I toy around the idea of being born in the medieval age where my only concern would be how tight my corset is, never mind that insurance started long before that.

Forgive my Spartan addiction but my imagery of Greeks and Romans has always been that of chisel shaped men, tall with stellar bodies, cunning charm with white clothes draping them and a penchant for all things war – your typical knight in shining armor. Non?

In the early 600AD the Greeks had the concept of health and life insurance down to a tee. The oxymoron is not lost in me that these cautious yet bravado looking men ensured that incase of their demise the funerals were covered and they had a proper burial rite. No wonder they had no qualms going to the battlefield donned with sandals and a sword chanting “This is Sparta “.

If you think The Donald’s campaign in the US has a problem with Chinese manufacturing, we haven’t met yet but that’s a story for another day. The Chinese innovativeness is no mean feat. As early as the 3rd millennial BC they had somewhat grasped the concept of risk aversion by distributing their wares into different vessels due to the rapid rivers they had to navigate, just in case one capsized.

Quite the paradox, one would think with all the travelling since the BC’S they would have adopted a second language, but no, they will make a quick sale using the two or less familiar words they know. Woe unto you, if you don’t insure that merchandise and good luck figuring out which Asian wearing a ‘makuti’ hat sold it to you.

All these instances gave effect to the mutual assistance in case of loss. Insurance became far more sophisticated in post renaissance Europe and specialized varieties developed. Insurance - as we know it today - can be traced to the Great Fire of London of 1666 that ravaged London from Sunday 2nd to Wednesday 5th September.

The Great Fire cost London an estimated £10 million, at a time when its annual income was just £12,000. By the end of the 17th century, three London societies were actively engaged in the risk aversion business. Insurance had become accepted practice – farmers wanted crop insurance, travelers wanted travel insurance and everybody turned to insurers to buy peace of mind.

To make a long story short, insurance (today) is being conducted over a vast array of "lines of business" that encompass personal, commercial, marine, aviation, agriculture, life, health, financial and engineering insurance. Virtually anything - from the mundane to the bizarre - can be insured.

The history of insurance has certainly evolved over the years with new premium packages being introduced into the market. Just in case you’re wondering if I am driving about town rolling up my windows and acting stern whenever I see a police check, lest they come gazing at my windscreen to find an expired insurance, am having none of that. New companies such as Bima Exchange have great rates and flexible payment plan in. With that behind me I can enjoy my jug of sangria or maybe make them two and then Uber home.

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Tips on Taming Driver Stress in Traffic

Tips on Taming Driver Stress in Traffic

Of all the things that stress us daily — workload, financial problems and relationships, to name a few — commuting to work is another that is universally loathed. It's fair to say, inside every car on the Kenyan roads lurks driver stress and it’s not just an unpleasant experience: Long commutes have been linked to a number of negative health outcomes, including high stress levels, poor sleep, unhealthy weight, and even a shorter life. A study made in Sweden in 2011 found that couples where one partner commutes for more than 45 minutes to work each day have a 40 percent higher chance of getting divorced.

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see&be Seen

Seen & Be Seen

Driving in the rain or even at night can be scary. Multiply that fear by two when your headlights and wiper blades aren’t doing their job. We want you to feel safe when you’re on the road. It’s important to see and therefore pay attention to your car and make sure hazy headlights are restored. Bad headlights can result in diminished vision at night, and can affect your visibility to oncoming traffic. Poor performing lights either need a fresh polish and clean, or an upgraded replacement.  Be sure your headlights are as good as new.

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Getting to know your tyre pressure sensor

Getting to Know Your Vehicle's Tyres

Tyre blowouts can happen for a number of reasons. Luckily, they're easily avoidable when you maintain all of the necessary checks on your car. Under inflated tyres are a leading cause of tyre blowouts, which can result in serious accidents. Check your tyres (including your spare) monthly and before major road trips for proper inflation, bulges, cuts, abrasions and impact damage that may occur during use. Properly inflated tyres help prolong tyre life and contribute to better fuel economy.You can find your vehicle's specific inflation amount displayed on your doorsill, glove box door or fuel door, and it is also listed in your vehicle owner's manual.

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Signs of a Failing Brake System

One of your car’s most important systems may help you get great mileage, enhance your driving comfort, or make your car go faster- in fact it actually slows you down! It’s your vehicle’s brake system. Your car uses a highly complex system consisting of friction material, a master cylinder, boosters, rotors and pads or drums and shoes, calipers or wheel cylinders and an intricate assembly of springs, hoses, steel lines, hydraulics, valves and sometimes computers.

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road side emergency

Roadside Emergency Preparedness

Everything You Need to Know Guide to Roadside Emergency Preparation

When you gear up for a road trip or even just a trip to the supermarket, you never expect your car to break down along the way. The reality is that breakdowns happen - often when you least expect it - so it can’t hurt to be prepared for the worst.

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How to Handle A Tyre Blowout



You're on your way to work, a family gathering or maybe even a thrilling road trip to the coast. All of a sudden, your tyre blows out, and you are trapped somewhere between nowhere and your final destination. For many drivers, there is nothing more frightening, or potentially dangerous, than a tyre blowout. When your tyre blows out, there isn't much time before it becomes a struggle to avoid an auto accident. How you instinctively react can make all the difference for your safety and the safety of those around you. The most important thing is to stay calm and in control of your vehicle.

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Emergency Safety Tips

Breakdowns can occur at any time or any place. They are generally unexpected and scary experiences that we want to avoid. Being prepared in case of a roadside emergency is crucial to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Here are some tools you’ll need to get back on the road safely and as soon as possible.

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Road Side Emergency

Natural Disaster Kits

We’ve all played the "What Would You Bring to a Deserted Island" game, but have you ever planned an actual disaster preparedness kit? During this time of the year, tropical rains can quickly turn into thunder storms that can potentially cause flash flood havoc in your area or to your house. Avoid the stress of mobbed supermarkets and power losses by making sure you and your family are prepared for nature’s surprises.

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Restoring your Headlights

How to Restore Headlights

Hazy, clouded headlights can affect how well you see at night, and can make it difficult for oncoming traffic to see you. Luckily, this can easily be avoided with a headlight restoration process. Restoring your vehicle’s headlights will provide you with the best possible on-road lighting to ensure your safety.

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