The risk for cholera is fairly low for people visiting areas with epidemic cholera. When simple precautions are observed, contracting the disease is unlikely. All people visiting areas where cholera is occurring or has occurred should be aware of the basic cholera facts and observe these five basic cholera prevention recommendations 1 1.  Continue Reading
Experience has taught us that drinking on an empty stomach is a decidedly bad idea, as the risk of texting “hey u up” to your ex. But conversely, eating a bunch of wholesome, real foods will help you drink more, stay up longer, ward off a hangover, and keep generally regrettable behavior at bay. We spoke to several registered […]Continue Reading
Here’s what happened to me the other day and I am sure you can relate…. It was late at night and my eyes were beginning to collapse under the weight of slumber. Just as I was about to drift away the vibration of my phone quickly brought me back to life. I squinted at the […]Continue Reading
  Why do insurance customers dislike the Broker? The middleman (the Broker) is often times perceived as an unnecessary third party, and conventional wisdom dictates that a third party means additional cost and possibly mistakes. Is this true though? Lets find out. Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Broker Consumers Continue Reading
Of all the things that stress us daily — workload, financial problems and relationships, to name a few — commuting to work is another that is universally loathed. It’s fair to say, inside every car on the Kenyan roads lurks driver stress and it’s not just an unpleasant experience: Long commutes have been linked to […]Continue Reading
Driving in the rain or even at night can be scary. Multiply that fear by two when your headlights and wiper blades aren’t doing their job. We want you to feel safe when you’re on the road. It’s important to see and therefore pay attention to your car and make sure hazy headlights are restored. […]Continue Reading
One of your car’s most important systems may help you get great mileage, enhance your driving comfort, or make your car go faster- in fact it actually slows you down! It’s your vehicle’s brake system. Your car uses a highly complex system consisting of friction material, a master cylinder, boosters, rotors and pads or drums […]Continue Reading
Everything You Need to Know Guide to Roadside Emergency Preparation When you gear up for a road trip or even just a trip to the supermarket, you never expect your car to break down along the way. The reality is that breakdowns happen – often when you least expect it – so it can’t hurt to […]Continue Reading