Here’s what happened to me the other day and I am sure you can relate….

funeral_budgetIt was late at night and my eyes were beginning to collapse under the weight of slumber. Just as I was about to drift away the vibration of my phone quickly brought me back to life. I squinted at the phone screen and cursed silently, asking myself who could be texting me at this ungodly hour. Trying to gather my thoughts as I read the very long text from my brother, I sat up in bed and read it again taking in every word. This was not the first time I had received this kind of text message. It has become the norm – culturally acceptable even. One of my relatives in the village had passed away and I was required to contribute towards the funeral.

Sleep was but a distant memory now as I searched my thoughts. One question cropped up in my mind, why do we plan to live yet forget to plan for inevitable death. Yes, we love to “live well” – we strive to have the best homes, cars, mobile phones, clothes and education but how many of us plan for the inevitable -“leaving well”. With an average funeral costing over Kshs 100,000 (some go into millions), this can be burdening and even embarrassing to the loved ones we leave behind.

What’s the moral of this story? Funeral insurance plans cost as little as Kshs 1,200 per year! Yes, that’s for a full year, which we can all afford and even if we couldn’t, many people would rather contribute toward a funeral insurance plan than wait for the dreaded text that another of our family members has gone to meet the Maker.


Lets wise up and plan for the inevitable. Consider getting a comprehensive funeral Insurance policy for yourself or a loved one .


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