In Kenya, the rate of people that have been living without health insurance has continued to increase exponentially. The reasons why tens of millions of people across the country live without health insurance has been blamed on rising costs of insurance, higher levels of unemployment, more and more employers cutting back on benefits offered to employees and luck of consumer awareness of the effects of living without health insurance. While many people do live without it, here are four reasons why you should not live without health insurance coverage.

First reason is, you may be healthy now, but the onset of a sudden or serious illness (cancer, diabetes, appendicitis) or a traumatic event (sporting accident, car crash) can leave you with staggering medical bills. The inability to pay high medical bills can financially ruin you and your family and set you back for years. While health insurance sounds expensive, so is the cost of healthcare. People that do not have health insurance and get sick or injured will find that medical bills add up very quickly, and those without insurance will soon find themselves out of hundreds of thousands or even millions of shillings or in serious debt. For many people, this could have been avoided by simply carrying a basic insurance policy.


The second reason why you should not live without health insurance is that you may not receive great care when visiting a doctor. People without insurance may receive less care than those that have insurance. This is because a hospital will be concerned that you will not be able to cover the additional costs that could come with keeping you in the hospital for an additional night or scheduling follow up appointments.


The third reason that you should not live without health insurance is that it can be found affordably. There are many types of health insurance, which range widely in price and benefits. For people that are young and in decent physical condition, individual health insurance plans can be found for less than you’ll think on monthly installments. There are also always affordable health insurance plans available for people that are older, have families, or have medical conditions. Since there are many different health insurance providers to choose from, shopping around for a plan can almost always save you money.


The fourth reason why you should have health insurance is that it can encourage good health. People that have health insurance will be far more likely to visit the doctor on a regular basis. These routine checkups will allow a person to have a better understanding of their body and will help encourage a healthier lifestyle.


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